Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Study about Lizard Locomotion

In my post about lizard anatomy, I said that lizards' legs get more erect the larger the lizard is and the longer the legs are. While I still think that this is true, I recently read a study about lizard locomotion which found that not all lizards actually sprawl when they are walking, and that this is just a common misconception.
I found it especially interesting that one of the lizards used in this study was an iguanid, since these large unknown bipedal lizards appear to be iguanids.

This study supports my hypothesis that these animals are really large lizards. A giant iguanid lizard walking erect on its hind legs would almost certainly resemble a small theropod dinosaur. Therefore, it would make a very good explanation for these small 'dinosaur' sightings. 

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  1. Also, even small, ordinary lizards can look very much like small dinosaurs when they run on their hind legs. This is a picture of a collared lizard running on its hind legs:

    Doesn't it look just like a mini- T. rex?