Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hidden Animals

Zoology is defined as the scientific study of animals. Every single day, new species of animals are discovered. It may be surprising to learn that many of the larger animals which we know of today were discovered relatively recently. For example, gorillas were not known to Western scientists until 1847. The Okapi wasn't discovered until 1901, and the Komodo dragon was not known until 1912. Many of these weird and wonderful creatures had their existence ridiculed by science before they were finally proven to be real.

Sightings of strange and mysterious creatures have been made by numerous people throughout history, and they still continue to this day. In this blog, I will investigate these so-called "hidden animals", and try to come up with theories about their possible identities, while trying to remain as scientific as possible. It is my hope to uncover some truth about these creatures, while sharing my investigations and expeditions with the rest of the world.


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